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Workpackage 1: Taxonomy and Classification

WP1, led by Clemens Becker and Sallie Lamb, aimed to promote and enable collaboration between researchers and clinicians across Europe (and further afield) so that they could help generate new, high quality knowledge about effective ways of preventing falls as quickly as possible.

The two main ways in which this aim could be met - by sharing the results of clinical trials that have already been undertaken (meta-analysis), or by undertaking new trials that recruit very large numbers of people from a number of different countries. The latter are particularly important for answering questions about whether or not we can prevent serious injury and to compare the relative effect of different interventions.

Communication is critical to these endeavours, and WP1 worked to develop a framework so researchers across international boundaries can communicate their results in a standard way. They also developed a taxonomy (classification system) to encourage researchers and innovators to report the details about the interventions that they have developed and tested in a way which will mean that other people can replicate their approach.

The work of WP1 has resulted in a number of key publications. We published a consensus statement agreeing a core data set and methodology for researchers to use across the world when collecting and reporting their data. This will make it much easier to learn from one another. It is a fairly commonsense approach, but what was more difficulty was getting researchers to agree what the best methods are! We used a very rigorous scientific methodology, including 3 systematic reviews of existing measures. An excellent by product of this work has been the establishment of a network of researchers who want to take forward the hard work involved in the next generation of fall prevention trials.

For further information please contact Professor Sallie Lamb, Clemens Becker or contact Chris Todd

Workpackage 1 Leads:

Clemens Becker: University of Ulm, Germany

Sallie Lamb: University of Warwick, UK

Workpackage 1 Members:

Antoni Salva: Institut Catala de l'Envelliment. Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain

Francesco Benvenuti: AUSL11, Toscana Region Infirmary Hospital, Pisa, Italy

Marc Bonnefoy: University of Lyon, France

Sirkka-Liisa Kivelä: University of Turku, Finland

Tomasz Grodzicki: Jagiellonian University Medical College, Cracow, Poland

Workpackage 1 Associates:

Anna Skalska, Claire Ballinger, Clare Robertson, Colin Cryer, Dawn Skelton, Ellen Jorstad-Stein, Ian Cameron, John Campbell, Klaus Pfeiffer, Laurence Rubenstein, Lesley Gillespie, Mark Speechley, Martina Kron, Steve Richardson, Susan Kurrle, Susanne Iwarsson, Thorsten Reineke, Tomasz Ocetkiewicz.