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Workpackage 2: Clinical Assessment and Management

WP2, led by Jacqui Close, was primarily concerned with clinical assessment and intervention to prevent falls. Members of WP2 were involved in network visits to a number of centre's in European countries to gain a better idea of how services are configured, the type of assessment tools and interventions available and other information that could be useful in formulating clinical protocols or setting up future research programmes in the field of falls and fracture prevention.

WP2 was also involved in developing a set of clinical assessment and intervention recommendations. These recommendations were produced based on a review of the available research in order to provide clinicians with assessment tools and treatment techniques based on the most up-to-date scientific findings. Where research evidence was lacking, expert opinion was sought. Suggesting tests and interventions that will be practical for clinicians to establish throughout Europe, was also a key objective. WP2 and the Co-ordinating Centre produced a World Map of the tools and assessments being used in different countries across the world, which was hosted on the profane.eu.org site for over 4 years. However, the information to inform this map is now out of date so the interactive map has been removed. In the final part of the ProFaNE project, a Clinical Assessment Tool (CAT) for use by primary and secondary care providers was available on profane.eu.org. This too is now out of date. For further information about the recommendations and the development of a new online assessment tool, contact Jacqueline Close. A number of reviews were published and these can be found in the ProFaNE publications list.

Workpackage 2 Lead:

Jacqui Close: King's College London, UK

Workpackage 2 Members:

Fiona Shaw: University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Gun-Britt Jarnlo: University of Lund, Sweden

Ilmari Pyykko: Tampere University Hospital, Finland

Ismene Dontas: University of Athens, Greece

Marianne Schroll: Copenhagen University, Denmark

Nina Beyer: Bispebjerg Hospital, Copenhagen University Hospital, Denmark

Rose-Anne Kenny: University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Sirpa Hartikainen: University of Kuopio, Finland

Thorsten Nikolaus: University of Ulm, Germany

Workpackage 2 Associates:

Albert Lukas, Annemarie A. Schuller, Astrid Bergland, Dawn Skelton, Ellen Freiberger, Eva Nordell, Eva Papakitsou, Finbarr Martin, George Lyritis, Gert Jan Wijlhuizen, Jan Bjoernson, John Wark, Julie Whitney, Karim Khan, Koen Milisen, Lisa Forsen, Marianne Kirchhoff, Matt Thomas, Ngaire Kerse, Patricia Dargent, Rene Schwendimann, Rob Morris, Stephen Lord, Susan Kurrle, Tash Masud, Yngve Gustaffson.